Rev J B Jardine

The Zimbabwe Mission currently has seven Bible Knowledge teachers for primary schools, under the supervision of our Education Officer. Ingwenya, Lutsha and Thembiso Primaries each have one teacher, while Mbuma and Zenka Primaries have two.
A new Bible Knowledge syllabus is being developed and it is hoped to introduce it in January 2021. Currently a revised and improved version of the old syllabus is being used. The new syllabus will use the Peep of Day and Line upon Line for pre-school and the lower primary classes, with Lessons for Life and Dear J being used for the more senior primary classes. The emphasis is on teaching Scripture knowledge and its application to the daily lives of pupils. This is in line with the pre-existing mission statement of one of the Schools, “Strive to provide quality education and to Christianise society so that it has respect for God, mankind and all creation, nature, individual growth and leadership and seek to promote values of self-discipline, selfreliance, co-operation and service to the community to the glory of God”.
The younger pupils will also go through the questions and answers of The Mother’s Catechism. The older pupils will go through The Shorter Catechism, using Lawson’s notes. It is hoped that the pupils will leave primary school with a sound foundation in the Scriptures and Reformed doctrine. Each class J Gresham Machen 277 begins with prayer and ends with the singing of a metrical psalm. A conscious effort is made by the children to memorise the psalms.
The Bible knowledge teachers meet monthly to study the Scriptures and the doctrines of the Westminster standards. As a Church we are conscious of the promise, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Prov 22:6).
The first and most important aim is for the children themselves to benefit spiritually and eternally from the truth that is set before them.
A second aim is for them to be an influence for spiritual good in their families.
And a third aim is to encourage and strengthen the pupils from our Mission schools to be an example to their fellow-pupils when they move on to secondary education.

We crave the continued support and prayers of our people in this important aspect of our Mission.

(Free Presbyterian Magazine, September 2020)