You might recall that Rev. Mwedzi was installed in the New Canaan congregation in May last year. Being the only other minister currently in the Zimbabwe Presbytery besides Rev. Khumalo, he has a heavy workload—but he found the time nonetheless to tell us about his progress. 

How are you doing at the moment? 

Rev. Mwedzi: “The Lord has been helping me greatly since May last year. I preach at ten locations that fall under the charge of this congregation. Let me give you an overview of the stations, the distance from my manse, how often each month I minister there, and some remarks on each location.” 

New Canaan (mother congregation) ~ 14 km ~ 7 times per month : A congregation of largely older people; the younger folk have mostly moved out of the countryside 

Makovere ~ 10 km ~ 6 times per monthA congregation with many young families 

Zvishavane (Ebenezer) ~ 3 km ~ 6 times per monthA congregation with many young families 

Maware ~ 40 km ~ 4 times per month 

Ingezi  ~ 50 km ~ Once a month 

Akori  ~ 60 km ~ Twice a month 

Chiedza ~ 70 km ~ Four times per month 

Chiware ~ 93 km ~ Once a month 

Munaka  ~ 130 km ~ Once a month 

Gwemomber  ~ 45 km ~ Once a month 

Gweru ~140 km ~ Once a month 


In addition, I visit John Tallach High School at least twice every semester, and one or other of the congregations has communion season almost every month of the year.  

A weekday service at Maware  

A weekday service at Maware

 I have received 6,000 Bibles from the TBS and distributed them around the country. There is great demand for Bibles, but our supply was limited and we hope that the Lord will move a friend to allow the printing and shipping of more copies.” 

The photos below are of Bible distribution at Marondera, due east from Harare, more than 400 km from the home congregation at New Canaan. 


How do you get to all those preaching stations?  

Rev. Mwedzi: “I have a decent car, a four-wheel drive, but the roads are poor and the tracks leading to some of the stations are almost completely worn away. I drive about 5,000 km a month on those roads, so I have a higher fuel and maintenance bill than most. Thanks to assistance from the Mission, I’ve been given a better car for my long journeys.” 

The quality of road surfaces declines most dramatically during rainy season, with the battering rain causing washouts and flooding. Rev. Mwedzi shared a photo of a flooded-away road that caused him severe delays on his way to preach at Ingezi. 

With Rev. Somerset and the congregation after a weekday service at Chiedza


There’s a lot resting on your shoulders!  

Rev. Mwedzi: “There is, but there are encouragements, too. Let me share three of them. 

Next to our church building in Maware, there is a school for about 334 pupils. They have opened their doors to me to preach the Gospel there. They’ve offered us their well. Unfortunately, the solar panels that power our pump broke down last month, so we’re anticipating problems with our water supply during communion season next April. 

Although this is (generally speaking) a poor congregation, their contribution to sustaining the ministers has shot up from $360 in 2021 to $1,008 in 2022. 

And, in God’s grace, I’ve seen a number of people who hadn’t come to church for nearly ten years return to our fold—four of whom took their place at the Lord’s table again.”