Plenty has been done in the last couple of months. Consignments of excavated clay soil exited the hospital gate; lorryfuls of sand came in. The clay was removed from site because it does not afford enough support to the foundations; it was replaced with locally available Kalahari sand, which allows much better drainage. Once the sand had been compacted, the foundations were installed on it. The floor is now in place, and all the doorframes and windowsills have been delivered, so we can get started on the walls.

We’re glad to have the foundations in place, especially now that we’ve entered monsoon season, when cloudbursts are a regular occurrence. This time of year is also a more pleasant temperature to work in; in November, the thermometer was pushing 40 degrees for days on end. The photos give you an impression of how the building works have been progressing. We would like to thank you warmly for your financial support, without which the project could not have been undertaken.


Casting the floor of the new pharmacy

Digging out and sealing the new sand channel

Laying the foundations of the maternity department

Fresh bricks delivered

General view of the building site