On recent visits to our Mission location in Mashonaland, I had the privilege, while visiting New Canaan, Maware and Chiedza, in being able to attend prayer meetings held there by our minister, Rev Trycot Mwedzi (see picture 1). His sphere

1. Rev Trycot Mwedzi

of labour extends out from his manse in the town of Zvishavane to a total of 11 preaching stations, some of which are as far away as 140 km, often accessible only by very bad roads, made almost impassable in the rainy season.


2. Maware Prayer Meeting

Maware is situated northward, about 40 km from Zvishavane. Weekly prayer meetings are regularly attended by children from the nearby school, where all the pupils have been issued with a copy of the new Shona Bible recently provided by the TBS, with substantial assistance from the Dutch GBS (see picture 2). On this occasion, Rev Mwedzi preached on the Commandment “Thou shalt not steal”. We were impressed by the intensity with which the children listened to his exhortation to obedience.


Chiedza is located 70 km south of Zvishavane, where the tar road runs into dirt track for

3. Chiedza Prayer Meeting

26 km. The church is situated in heavily wooded forestation, giving the impression of remoteness and with little obvious habitation. However, as from nowhere, out of the bush, people starting arriving for the prayer meeting, where Rev Mwedzi preached from John 20:15 “Woman, why weepest thou?” In expounding the power of the resurrection, in the divine revelation to Mary of a risen Christ, the minister gave an encouraging discourse on this event which is so central to the Gospel message. After the meeting, we had the pleasure of meeting those attending (see picture 3)


4. Mr Sibanda, Mr Mashavakure and Mr Mpofu


Also present were our Mashonaland missionaries, Mr A Sibanda and Mr J Mashavakure (see picture 4). Before the meeting, accompanied by the missionaries and Mr T B Mpofu, our Mission Administrator, I took the opportunity to visit Mrs Mazvabo (widow of the late Rev Z Mazvabo) in her home, which is close to the church. The occasion evoked happy memories of her dear departed husband while we partook of true Shona hospitality, fellowship and worship (see picture 5).


5. Mrs Mazvabo