Do you remember that Rev. Mwedzi was confirmed in the New Canaan congregation last May? He is the only minister besides Rev. Khumalo at the moment and is therefore very busy. Still, he found time to let us know how things are going now.

How are you doing?
Rev. Mwedzi: “The Lord has helped me a lot from May last year until now. I preach at 11 preaching stations under my charge and helping at communions almost every month around our congregations. I also visit John Tallach high school at least twice in a term.

How about outreach work?
“I have received 6,000 Bibles from the TBS (English sister organization of the GBS) and distributed them throughout the country. There is a great demand for Bibles, but our supply was limited and we hope the Lord will send a friend to print and send more Bibles.”

How do you travel to all these places?
Rev. Mwedzi: ” I have a better car with four-wheel drive, but the roads are too bad and the roads to other stations are almost completely destroyed. I travel about 5000 km a month on those roads, which means more fuel costs and repair costs for the car. Thanks to the mission’s help, I got a better vehicle for the long trips.”

A lot of work rests on your shoulders!
Rev. Mwedzi: “Yes, but there are also encouragements. I will mention three.
Next to our church at one of the stations is a school of about 334 students. They have opened the door for me to preach to them. They have offered us their well. Unfortunately, the pump’s solar panels broke last month so we may have water supply problems again during the communion in April.
Although the congregation is generally poor, their contribution to the maintenance of the ministers has improved from  2021 to  2022.
Through the Lord’s help, I have seen a number of people who had not come to church for almost a decade return and four take their seats at the Lord’s Table again.”